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Mitutoyo Research Center Europe B.V. (RCE) is the European branch of the Mitutoyo research organization. As one of the 3 Mitutoyo Research institutes (Japan, USA, Europe), Mitutoyo RCE contributes to dimensional metrology and it explores the field of nanometrology and nanotechnology. Within RCE, accurate calibration methods for CMM's, step gages and other Mitutoyo instruments and standards, are developed and implemented in the Mitutoyo organization. Further, new product design and product improvements take place in collaboration with internal and external partners.

Examples of Mitutoyo products and developments where RCE has played an important role:
-software correction system for CMM's
-calibration and performance verification systems for CMM's
-worlds most accurate step gauge calibration set-up, 5 set-ups installed world-wide
Step gauge calibration set-up developed by Mitutoyo RCE