Profile Projector


Provides stable dimension and angle measurements in harsher environments, such as manufacturing and processing lines, than can be handled by conventional models.


Reliable measurements

in manufacturing site environments


The profile projector that “can be operated intuitively” even by inexperienced people and also has excellent durability and energy-saving performance thanks to the adoption of an “LED illumination source” and “fanless cooling system”. It provides stable dimension and angle measurements in harsher environments, such as manufacturing and processing lines, than can be handled by conventional models.


Improved Durability


Adoption of the LED illumination source has obviated the need for installing a cooling fan into the main unit of the measuring instrument and has drastically decreased the entry of oil mist, dust, etc. via the cooling fan into the instrument body.

This also drastically reduces the adhesion of oil and dust to the internal mirror, lens, and light source. The graph on the left shows changes in illuminance on the projection screen in case of long-term installation together with a conventional model (the projector with a fan) in a misty processing site.

As compared with the conventional model, the LED light source type improves the rate of decline in illuminance by about 50 %. It maintains high optical performance by preventing the entry of mist into the main unit even in a processing line. The unit has excellent durability and requires less frequent maintenance, resulting in lower maintenance costs.


Note 1: Exterior cleaning of the projection lens surface, stage glass top, etc. is easy.
Note 2: The graph data shows measurement examples and measured values may vary according to the installation environment and so on.

Observation Light Source


Stepless Illumination Adjustment LED Circular Illuminator for PJ-PLUS


The conventional 2-step illumination adjustment has been changed to step-less control so the level of illumination can be precisely set to suit the surface texture and color of the workpiece.


LED Circular Illuminator for PJ-PLUS (optional)


LED illumination light can emphasize the contrast of projected workpiece images, stereoscopic and sharp observation. The projected image can be observed at high color reproducibility, Low power consumption: 17.4 W, and long operating life of 30,000 hours.



LED (White)


Color temperature varies significantly with the level of halogen illumination but not so much with LED illumination, so the appearance of the image varies a lot less as the LED level is adjusted. Also, the projected image under LED illumination is sharper and easier on the operator’s eyes, which contributes to a reduction in fatigue and therefore more efficient inspection and measurement.


High Visibility Digital Display


Since the digital counter (XY axes and angle) built into all models as standard uses a high-intensity LED and a large character display, it secures high visibility unaffected by the environment. In addition to zero-setting and direction change, the data output of each counter value adopts the highly versatile RS-232C.


Resolution: 0.001 mm or 0.0001 in/ 0.001 mm

See PJ-Plus Details

Order No. 172-502*
Compatible model PJ-PLUS (Projection lens 10X and 20X)
Illumination source White LED
Power consumption 12 V / 17.4 W
LED life (reference) 30,000 H