Battery Foil Thickness Measurement Solution: Vacuum Chuck Kit for the Litematic VL-50


Created by the specialists who design Mitutoyo’s fixtures, this add-on kit for gauges makes it possible to test delicate specimen quickly and efficiently. By automatically fixing these ultra-thin materials in place, operators are guaranteed accurate results every time.


Neuss, May 2023. The name of Mitutoyo’s Litematic VL-50 often rings a bell for its incredibly low test force in the world of gauges. Perfect for softer and more delicate workpieces, it is already being used frequently for thickness measurement of battery foil with and without coating. However, with the addition of this new solution, measurements can be performed at a much faster rate due to the simplicity of the specimen placement.


With an added laser sensor, whatever is placed on the surface is automatically fixed when the gauge’s plunger passes a certain point, by triggering the vacuum mechanism. This in-turn ensures a level measuring area with no gaps or air bubbles inbetween. Thanks to this function, operators can make full use of the low test force of 1N, 0.15N, and even 0.01N that is offered by the VL-50 lineup.


An added benefit of having the vacuum chuck activate automatically is that it can be paired with the Litematic series motor driven plunger. This means that in the case of a smart factory, where the gauges are controlled by a closed system, this can improve the quality of measurements without the need for manual adjustment of workpieces.


Overall, this new kit from Mitutoyo delivers a solution that is especially useful in the booming industry of electric motor vehicles as the automotive industries make the transition away from combustion vehicles. Thus improving the quality of materials going into the heart of new battery technology everywhere.


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