In support of your investment in Mitutoyo tools and instruments, we offer repair, spare parts, and calibration services for all Mitutoyo products. Our field service department installs, calibrates, and repairs major instruments on-site or in one of our many Repair Shops in Europe of course, using high-quality original spare parts only.

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Downtimes drastically reduce the profitability and efficiency of work processes. That is why quick repairs in the event of any faults in the measuring equipment are an important benchmark for the service strength of the device manufacturer.

On-Site Repair and Calibration
In-House Repair, Spare Parts, and Calibration

Mitutoyo Calibration & Traceability

Calibration is an essential part of the activities of any company if quality control is taken seriously.


Measurement to a consistently high level of accuracy can only be achieved if instruments are periodically calibrated against traceable standards. Mitutoyo can provide a full range of services to meet this requirement at its environmentally controlled calibration laboratories which have full local accreditation and is equipped to handle every conceivable dimensional measurement need. 

Develop Your Skills and Knowledge

Mitutoyo offers classroom training, eLearning, and on-demand resources across a wide variety of measurement-related topics to get you the training and education you need. 

We offer product and software training for Mitutoyo measuring equipment, including CMM, vision, and form products, and also hands-on skills courses in dimensional measurement. Through the worldwide operations of Mitutoyo, we are the premier training and education provider within the quality field.